The Teem Effect: Streamlining Financial Processes for Freelancers & Micro Businesses in Saudi Arabia

Homam Saeed
Homam Saeed

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Amid Saudi Arabia's economic surge, Teem emerges as a beacon of women's empowerment in business. Founded by Malak and Bayan Fakeih, two sisters driven by a shared vision, Teem has become a driving force in this new era of SME-led growth in Saudi Arabia.

With the SME sector flourishing, boasting nearly 1.27 million businesses as of 2023, Teem's inception was sparked by Malak's challenges in financial management within her freelance illustration business.

Stats on SME growth in 2023 from Monsha’at

Recognizing a widespread need among freelancers and small businesses for better financial tools, Malak, with the support of her sister Bayan, set out to create Teem. 

This platform not only simplifies transactions with its flexible payment links but also revolutionizes expense management, making it user-friendly for micro SMBs.

Teem's journey illustrates the transformative power of innovation and female leadership in shaping the business landscape, marking a significant stride toward economic diversity and growth in Saudi Arabia.

Teem: Streamlining Financial Processes for Freelancers & Micro Businesses

At its core, Teem's mission is to be the ultimate business tool for Saudi Arabia's freelancers and micro-business owners, offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored to streamline their operations and enhance efficiency. 

  • Invoicing Made Easy: Originally an invoicing tool, Teem enables easy creation and conversion of quotations into invoices, shareable via payment links on platforms like WhatsApp and email.
  • Dashboard with Expense and Tax Management: An intuitive dashboard for essential financial organization and compliance.
  • Product Listing for Quick Billing: Allows for the speedy billing of saved products or services.
  • QR Codes Integration: Transforms Teem into a soft POS system for in-person, contactless payment collections.
  • Catalog Creation Tool: Facilitates setting up a simple e-commerce store, enhancing sales channels and customer engagement.
  • 200+ Delivery Solutions Integration (Currently under development): Vast shipping options to meet logistical needs and ensure seamless delivery.

In conclusion, Teem stands as a versatile and user-friendly solution for freelancers and micro SMBs in the digital age, offering a range of features from efficient invoicing to e-commerce capabilities, all designed to support the thriving entrepreneurial spirit in today's fast-paced business environment.

Charting New Paths in Saudi Entrepreneurship

Teem's partnership with Tap Payments is a significant stride in empowering the micro SMB and creator economy throughout the MENA region.

By utilizing Tap's advanced and secure payment infrastructure, Teem seamlessly integrates a diverse array of popular payment methods, which align well with customer preferences in MENA.

This collaboration streamlines the payment process, empowering even the smallest businesses to offer their customers the ease of online payments, without the complexities of developing a website. Tap plays a pivotal role in simplifying online payment acceptance. This allows Teem to concentrate on their primary services while ensuring their users benefit from convenient and secure payment options.

A deep understanding of the Saudi market is vital, and it is in this aspect that the partnership between Teem and Tap Payments truly excels. Their localized approach guarantees that businesses utilizing Teem's billing app can more effectively connect with their customers, offering payment solutions that are not only preferred regionally but are also trustworthy.

Conclusion: A Pathway to Entrepreneurial Success in Saudi Arabia

The partnership between Teem and Tap Payments equips freelancers and micro-business owners with the essential financial management tools and support to propel them to success in the fast-evolving digital economy. This partnership highlights a strong commitment to enhancing Saudi Arabia's entrepreneurial landscape, offering individuals the means to confidently and effectively manage their financial journeys.

For fintechs looking to scale and customize their services in MENA, Tap Payments offers the ideal playground. Our modular payment infrastructure lets you build your app your way, ensuring flexibility, growth, and all of MENA's favourite payment methods.

As the business environment in Saudi Arabia evolves, the collaboration between Teem and Tap Payments exemplifies the transformative impact of cooperative innovation. This partnership not only drives business growth but also reinforces the nation's growing entrepreneurial spirit

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Homam Saeed

Content Writer